Top 5 Places to Shop for Plus Size Rockabilly Clothing

As a plus size gal, it can be difficult to shop for awesome Rockabilly or vintage inspired clothing. One of the best ways to find beautiful vintage inspired and awesome Rockabilly garments is to ignore the dedicated tag sizes in favor of the sizing measurements. But even when you shop based off measurements, it can still be tricky to find something that will actually fit you, especially when it seems the fashion industry wants to either ignore us, or tell us we’re too fat for plus size. I recently commented on a picture of a “plus size” model/dress that was posted on a famous Betty look-a-like pinup model/fashion designer’s Facebook page that the dress shown was not very plus sized. I mentioned my desire for designers to make plus sized garments that “actually fit a plus sized woman”. Well….my comment was promptly deleted and a message posted from the pin-up model/designer on her Facebook read “please do not spam my page!” How is asking for real plus sized clothing spamming???? It’s not! So in case you’ve ran into the same sort of trouble as I have when it comes to shopping for truly awesome Rockabilly and vintage inspired plus size clothing, here are my top 5 choices of clothiers to shop online.

1. Pin Up Girl Clothing

PUG Clothing plus size

This is my number one choice for a reason! Not only do they sell plus size dresses and separates, but they also show them on truly plus sized models. Real women who you might actually meet walking down the street or looking in the mirror. PUG Clothing has a section specifically for Plus Size but doesn’t exclude us from their other apparel sections either, sizes as large as 4X can be found on many of their “regular” pieces as well.

2. Torrid

Torrid Clothing rockabilly

I shop Torrid mainly at the mall, but I do frequent their website for “online only” deals. Since Torrid is strictly a plus size store, you are sure to find plenty of items that fit. And since Torrid does have many physical stores, exchanges and returns are easy. Torrid has a collection of vintage inspired garments; Retro Chic, but I find lots of great items with a Rockabilly flare in their other collections as well. I do suggest you read product descriptions with caution, I have had trouble with buying cute shirts that only fit until I wash them and they then become a mid-drift shirt. However, I have noticed a big decrease in the amount of 100% cotton garments, so there are more items available for long term use.

3. Unique Vintage

UV Clothing vintage

Unique Vintage is a shop that carries their own clothing line, as well as other brands. Not all of the brands are plus size-considerate, but the Unique Vintage brand itself is. I have 2 UV dresses that not only were big enough for me, they were flexible enough that many different sized women in my family actually tried my dress comfortably on to see who was going to wear it for my Rockabilly wedding. There are other brands that on UV that claim plus sizes, but the measurements and letter sizes are often different so be sure to check the sizing chart on each garment. Unlike other shops, UV does not show plus size clothing on plus size models, so be extra considerate of your body type when ordering. On the plus side, UV’s return and exchange policy is great – I’ve exchanged many items when I’ve ordered the wrong size and it was super simple.

4. Viva Dulce Marina

VDM Clothing plus size

VDM is another great company that uses plus size models to show off their plus size items (as opposed to just listing them in the sizes). VDM has a dedicated plus size section, and even a specific section for plus size Hellbunny dresses (although, as a UK company, Hellbunny’s version of plus size is not necessarily equivalent to America’s). In addition to the model pictures, VDM also has a “Happy Customers” section where you can see pictures of customers in their clothes from VDM. This is a great way to see how the garments may look on you, just find a customer with a similar body type.


SWAK Clothing pin up

Sealed With A Kiss is a clothing shop with lots of different styles, but my favorite in particular is their “Vintage Pin Up” section. Because SWAK is a plus size company, all of their models are plus sized so you get a nice picture of how the garments really sit on the body.

There, my top 5 places to shop. I hope this little guide helps you to find some great Rockabilly and vintage-style clothing. If you have any other places that you like shopping for plus sized Rockabilly/vintage attire, leave a comment!

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