Fabulous Vintage Nail Ads

I’m totally fascinated by vintage advertisements, especially ads for beauty products (and anything involving mid-century kitchens, but that’s off-topic). So I loved searching the web for these great vintage nail polish ads from the 30′s, 40′s, and 50′s. Advertisements like these are a great way to get an authentic look at vintage nail shapes and colors.

1930′s Nail Polish Ads

30s cutex advertisement

30s cutex polish

 {Images Source: Cutex Nails}

1940′s Nail Polish Ads

40s cutex advertisements

40s cutex ad

{Images Source: Cutex Nails}

40s revlon ad

{Image Source: Fifties Wedding}

 1950′s Nail Polish Ads

50s cutex ad

{Image Source: Cutex Nails}

50s peggy sage ad

{Image Source: Nails By Stephanie}

50s duragloss ad

{Image Source: Beauty Geeek}

50s revlon advertisement

{Image Source: The Nifty Fifties}

You don’t need to search just polish ads to find great examples of vintage nails. Check out these other vintage adverts.

50s hand cream ad

Pacquins Hand Cream

{Image Source: Vintage Ad Browser}

50s typewriter ad

Underwood Typewriters

{Image Source: Nails By Stephanie}

October 1947 Harpers Bazaar cover

October 1947 Harper’s Bazaar cover

{Image Source: Found In Mom’s Basement}

revlon lipstick ad

Revlon Lipstick

revlon hair setter ad

Revlon Satin Set Spray

{Images Source: Pinterest}

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