More Great Places to Shop for Plus Size Rockabilly Clothing

I have had so much great feedback from everyone about my last post on shopping for plus size Rockabilly fashions (if you missed it, you can read the original post here). Thank you for all of your wonderful comments! I am more than happy to help others find fabulous attire to flatter their curves and I know all about the dread of shopping online only to have to return items because they don’t fit correctly. I’ve been looking into some of the sites you have been suggesting, as well as digging around for some additional shopping haunts for us larger ladies, and have come up with an additional list of great places to shop for plus size Rockabilly clothing.

1. ModCloth

Rockabilly plus size clothing

I have always loved the style of this site, but couldn’t actually fit into any of their clothing. However, last summer they introduced an entire section devoted to plus sized ladies. Sadly, many of the images are still of thin models so a clear idea of what the clothing will look like on rounder bodies is up to the imagination, but there are some plus sized models. More importantly, ModCloth has item specific sizing charts so you can ensure you are getting something that will fit you. Like always, order by measurements, not tag sizing. I recently purchased a few pieces from ModCloth that ranged from XL to 4XL, so tags are clearly not the end-all of sizing.

2. Vintage Galeria

Rockabilly plus size clothing

This etsy shop has been on my favorites list for some time now, and for good reason. Vintage Galeria has lots of fun, retro designs available in plus sizes and even offers custom-made orders. You can get one of these gorgeous dresses perfectly fitted for your body! I just ordered one of these lovelies for myself.

3. Cats Like Us

Rockabilly plus size clothing

Cats Like Us has a unique search option that allows customers to shop by tag size, instead of just looking at traditional sizes versus plus sizes. Whether you are a smaller plus size, a larger plus size, or find yourself in the middle you can create a custom search for an array of sizes that are more likely to fit your body. You do not need to waste time looking at options that aren’t in your size (and ultimately getting your hopes up). There are fewer options for larger sizes, unfortunately, but the styles that are available are adorable!

4. Jessica Louise

Rockabilly plus size clothing

I have to admit that I am new to Jessica Louise but what struck me most about this store is the plus size model; Tess Munster. Tess is a truly plus sized model (and one that I featured in this post) which means we get a true life picture of what the clothes will look like on a full-figured girl. They even tell you what size Tess is wearing so you can get a better idea of what size you should order. The website has a generic size chart where you can look up the size you will probably be, however they also made an effort to mention that they field questions on sizing for specific items (which, BTW, any good store should be able to do, but this one actually advertises it).

5. Black Cat Bikinis

Rockabilly plus size clothing

It’s not even Spring but the weather (at least here in California) is already feeling a little summary which is why the last shop on this list is Black Cat Bikinis. It’s never too early to think about your retro swimwear, especially if you’re planning on attending the Viva Las Vegas pool party. Black Cat Bikinis offers retro-style bikinis and one piece swimsuits up to size 6XL. They have super cute styles that flatter many different body types.

If you know of any other great places to shop for plus size Rockabilly clothing, please leave a comment below! Happy shopping!

Fictional Style Icon: River Song

This Saturday marks the 50th anniversary of one of my favorite tv shows; Doctor Who. My favorite character is the stylish River Song (portrayed most often by Alex Kingston) who unfortunately won’t be in this week’s 50th Anniversary episode. Boo! How do you not put this in, like, every episode?

gay gypsy bar mitzvah

River is the doctor’s wife, the child of the TARDIS, and one bad-ass woman with a gun. River has some great lines, the most fabulous attitude, and the best clothes. River is always dressed for the occasion and looks fabulous no matter what. But she seriously has some great vintage-style pieces that totally make her a vintage style icon!

The Time of the Angels (series 5)

I love this 1940′s style evening gown that River wears on the Byzantium – a classy cruise-liner that travels through space. Her hair is fantastic, and resembles this tutorial I posted earlier in the year. This outfit is immediately followed by head to toe camouflage, which she also pulls off.

river song outfit 1

{Image Source: Live for Films}

River Song outfit 2

{Image Source: Eternal Geek Girl}

sonic me

{Image Source: Got a Problem with Archaeologists?}

 Day of the Moon (series 6)

Oh how I love this dress! River looks so amazing here as she escapes The Silence and the FBI who are chasing her. I love a good wiggle dress and River Song certainly has the curves to pull it off. Even covered in ‘I’ve seen the Silence’ tallies, she looks fab.

river outfit 1

{Image Source: Got a Problem with Archaeologists?}

river 1

{Image Source: Got a Problem with Archaeologists?}


{Image Source: Can You Sonic Me}

 The Wedding of River Song (series 6)

River’s alternate timeline outfit is definitely fashion forward while maintaining some of that retro look that I love. The suit jacket with peplum is adorable (if you’re allowed to call anything a psychopath wears “adorable”) and she pairs it nicely with a pencil skirt that clearly let’s everyone know that she’s in charge. I’m undecided on whether I love or hate her heels. Thoughts?

river wedding
wedding river

{Image Source: Hello Sweetie}

{Image Source: The Knights}

river name

{Image Source: Silly Tilly}

The Angels Take Manhattan (series 7)

We first see River Song as the “fictional character” Melody Malone sporting a trenchcoat and black fedora. And she Pulls. It. Off! Under the coat River is wearing the most fantastic 1930′s black corset dress with enough sheer and shimmer to make the Doctor say “Yowser!”

angels 3

{Image Source: not prolific not profound}

angels 1

{Image Source: Cathode Ray Tube}

angels 2

{Image Source: Sticks & Stones}

The Name of the Doctor (series 7)

This is the last dress we see River in before the season ended and it’s a perfect way to wrap up this gallery of nerdy/vintage awesomeness. I adore this champagne colored dress and matching coat.

name of the doctor1

{Image Source: Can You Sonic Me}

name of the doctor 2

{Image Source: Can You Sonic Me}

Although River won’t be in the 50th Anniversary Special this Saturday, I certainly hope the rumors of her being in the Christmas special or series 8 are true and I pray that we haven’t seen the last of Kingston’s River Song. I would love to see how they would play out the Peter Capaldi Doctor and River Song love story. Would it be anything like this?


Fantasyland’s Skyway to Tomorrowland

If you don’t know already, I am a huge Disneyland nerd! I have gone to Disneyland every year since birth (and a couple of times a year in those really good days before adult status fully took effect and I had money to blow…ah, the days…) so for those of you keeping count, that’s a lot of trips to Disneyland! This year my son and I went to celebrate our graduations (kindergarten and college, respectively) and we had a blast.

Disneyland has so much fun history, and sometimes you can still see some pieces of Disney’s yesteryear. One of the attractions I truly miss is the Skyway. The Skyway carried guests between Tomorrowland and Fantasyland via hanging buckets that ventured not only through the sky, but also right through the Matterhorn. Not only was it a great way to travel across the park in style, but it was a fun adventure through the sky.

The following vintage images are courtesy of Daveland.





The Fantasyland Skyway station was styled similarly to the Switzerland fashion of the Matterhorn Bobsleds. Fittingly, a quote from the Dormouse in Alice in Wonderland could be seen under the eaves of the roof, reading “Up above the world you fly, like a tea-tray in the sky.” What a magical way to travel!



The Tomorrowland Skyway station was, in my opinion, much less magical looking. But then again, I am a sucker for Fantasyland. It just seemed kind of generic, but a lot of the architecture of Tomorrowland at that time was fairly blah… I enjoy Tomorrowland for the rides, not the looks.




The Skyway was closed in 1994 and the Tomorrowland Skyway was demolished (Innovations and the Tomorrowland train station are now in that general space), but the Fantasyland Skyway to Tomorrowland is still standing and visible (if you look for it). I always look for it, and this year I decided to snap some pictures (while my son complained that it was boring). If you want to see the Skyway station for yourself, it is between the entrance to Frontierland and the Casey Junior Train. There are souvenir wagons and food carts occupying the open space in front of the stairway. Ease around the wagons and you’ll have a fairly decent view of the station for yourself.

Here is what the Fantasyland station looks like today:

skyway 1

skyway 4

skyway 2

skyway 5

skyway 3

The Skyway station is currently void of all machinery, and I’ve heard rumors that they have staff meetings and feed the cats in there. I’ve also heard, unfortunately, that they plan to demolish the station soon. I had hoped they would re-open it in some capacity, such as a Merida/Brave attraction. Time will tell.

If you bring your car during your trips, save a contact number of a tow service near your area in case you encounter a problem with your car.

Fabulous Vintage Nail Ads

I’m totally fascinated by vintage advertisements, especially ads for beauty products (and anything involving mid-century kitchens, but that’s off-topic). So I loved searching the web for these great vintage nail polish ads from the 30′s, 40′s, and 50′s. Advertisements like these are a great way to get an authentic look at vintage nail shapes and colors.

1930′s Nail Polish Ads

30s cutex advertisement

30s cutex polish

 {Images Source: Cutex Nails}

1940′s Nail Polish Ads

40s cutex advertisements

40s cutex ad

{Images Source: Cutex Nails}

40s revlon ad

{Image Source: Fifties Wedding}

 1950′s Nail Polish Ads

50s cutex ad

{Image Source: Cutex Nails}

50s peggy sage ad

{Image Source: Nails By Stephanie}

50s duragloss ad

{Image Source: Beauty Geeek}

50s revlon advertisement

{Image Source: The Nifty Fifties}

You don’t need to search just polish ads to find great examples of vintage nails. Check out these other vintage adverts.

50s hand cream ad

Pacquins Hand Cream

{Image Source: Vintage Ad Browser}

50s typewriter ad

Underwood Typewriters

{Image Source: Nails By Stephanie}

October 1947 Harpers Bazaar cover

October 1947 Harper’s Bazaar cover

{Image Source: Found In Mom’s Basement}

revlon lipstick ad

Revlon Lipstick

revlon hair setter ad

Revlon Satin Set Spray

{Images Source: Pinterest}

DIY Half Moon Manicure

The half moon manicure was a popular trend in the 1930′s that is making a comeback today. The typical half moon design consisted of a crescent shape at the cuticle and another at the tip. Modern versions of this look generally forgo the tip crescent, which looks just as stylish. These crescents could be bare, or colored with a contrasting polish. This style can be seen in most any nail or hand product advertisement from the late 30′s.

vintage half moon

Half moon manicure on stiletto shaped nails

According to ad art from the period, it would appear as though manicurists and ladies at home accomplished this look free-hand. I, however, have never been one to have a steady hand with polish. If you’re like me, then this tutorial is for you.

What you need:

  • Hole reinforcement stickers (the circles you put around hole punches on paper)
  • Nail polish: your primary color and your crescent color
  • Clear coat

Here are 5 easy to follow steps for a single crescent look:

1.     Prepare your nails; clean, file, and shape to your liking.

2.     If you want your crescents to be colored, apply a single coat of paint to your entire nail. Allow polish to fully dry. If you’d prefer a bare crescent, disregard this step. 

3.   Cut hole reinforcement stickers in half (you can get these in the office supply section of any store) to create the half moon shape. Place one sticker half at your cuticle. Check to make sure you’ve applied the stickers evenly on all of your nails.


4.   Using your primary polish color, paint your nail again. Apply a second coat, as needed. Allow polish to fully dry.

5.     Remove reinforcement stickers (slowly!) and apply a clear coat to add strength and shine to your nails.

half moon design

If you’d prefer the double crescent look (the more traditional half moon manicure) follow steps 1-4 as above, then follow these next steps:

1.    Place another reinforcement sticker in the middle of your nail, leaving a crescent shape open at the tip.

2.     Paint the tip with your crescent color, or if you left your cuticle crescent bare, use a small paint brush with polish remover to clear off your primary color from the nail.

3.     Remove reinforcement stickers (slowly!) and apply a clear coat to add strength and shine to your nails.

traditional half moon design

There you go! Now you can do your own half-moon manicure at home (or expertly advise your manicurist at the salon).

Color My Nails Vintage

Picking the right nail color is important to creating a truly vintage manicure. In general, I stick to bold reds but I have been known to stray from my tried and true from time to time.

These ads show what colors would have been available mid-century. They are mostly reds and pinks, but as you can see there are a few colors from the other side of the color wheel. A big trend of the day was for your nails to match your lips, so you’ll notice many vintage ads premiering nail polish and lipstick together.

40s chen yu colors

{Image Source: Casey’s Elegant Musings}

40s cutex ad 2

{Image Source: Cutex}

40s cutex ad 3

{Image Source: Cutex}

cutex nail shades

{Image Source: Cutex}

nails match lips

{Image Source: Vintage Ads}

smoky nail shades

{Image Source: Cutex}

cutex colors

{Image Source: Bobby Pin Blog}

While many of these exact shades are no longer in production, there are some comparable colors currently on the market. These are some of my favorite modern polish shades.

Mac Ice Cream Cake

Mac; Ice Cream Cake

mac russian red

Mac; Russian Red

opi feeling hot hot hot

OPI; Feeling Hot Hot Hot

opi magala wine

OPI; Magala Wine

orly gumdrop

Orly; Gumdrop

chanel rose confidential

Chanel; Rose Cinfidential

Class of 2014

Oh. My. God. I graduated!!!!!! Finally! Hooray for me! I finished my classes about a month ago, and a few weeks later I walked at the graduation ceremony. I am officially a college graduate! I can now put a B.S. in Psychology on my resume. Oh, and for those of you wondering, I don’t need to worry about updating my resume for a while, as I found another job. So yeah, things are going pretty good at the moment.

 There were so many people at the graduation. They estimated about 750 graduates at the ceremony. We had to line up outside (luckily it didn’t start getting hot until we started going inside) and then enter through the back of the arena. This was my view of the line.

I wanted to share my excitement at finally getting my diploma that I used all of my cooking talents to whip up a special dessert of ho-ho diplomas. Did you know they individually wrap each ho-ho now? That was a pain.

As a graduation present my wonderful hubby bought me a vintage camping trailer. Check out my 1966 Aristocrat Land Commander! She’s functional as-is, although there are some aesthetic changes I am planning, to make her my own. I can’t wait to go camping!