More Great Places to Shop for Plus Size Rockabilly Clothing

I have had so much great feedback from everyone about my last post on shopping for plus size Rockabilly fashions (if you missed it, you can read the original post here). Thank you for all of your wonderful comments! I am more than happy to help others find fabulous attire to flatter their curves and I know all about the dread of shopping online only to have to return items because they don’t fit correctly. I’ve been looking into some of the sites you have been suggesting, as well as digging around for some additional shopping haunts for us larger ladies, and have come up with an additional list of great places to shop for plus size Rockabilly clothing.

1. ModCloth

Rockabilly plus size clothing

I have always loved the style of this site, but couldn’t actually fit into any of their clothing. However, last summer they introduced an entire section devoted to plus sized ladies. Sadly, many of the images are still of thin models so a clear idea of what the clothing will look like on rounder bodies is up to the imagination, but there are some plus sized models. More importantly, ModCloth has item specific sizing charts so you can ensure you are getting something that will fit you. Like always, order by measurements, not tag sizing. I recently purchased a few pieces from ModCloth that ranged from XL to 4XL, so tags are clearly not the end-all of sizing.

2. Vintage Galeria

Rockabilly plus size clothing

This etsy shop has been on my favorites list for some time now, and for good reason. Vintage Galeria has lots of fun, retro designs available in plus sizes and even offers custom-made orders. You can get one of these gorgeous dresses perfectly fitted for your body! I just ordered one of these lovelies for myself.

3. Cats Like Us

Rockabilly plus size clothing

Cats Like Us has a unique search option that allows customers to shop by tag size, instead of just looking at traditional sizes versus plus sizes. Whether you are a smaller plus size, a larger plus size, or find yourself in the middle you can create a custom search for an array of sizes that are more likely to fit your body. You do not need to waste time looking at options that aren’t in your size (and ultimately getting your hopes up). There are fewer options for larger sizes, unfortunately, but the styles that are available are adorable!

4. Jessica Louise

Rockabilly plus size clothing

I have to admit that I am new to Jessica Louise but what struck me most about this store is the plus size model; Tess Munster. Tess is a truly plus sized model (and one that I featured in this post) which means we get a true life picture of what the clothes will look like on a full-figured girl. They even tell you what size Tess is wearing so you can get a better idea of what size you should order. The website has a generic size chart where you can look up the size you will probably be, however they also made an effort to mention that they field questions on sizing for specific items (which, BTW, any good store should be able to do, but this one actually advertises it).

5. Black Cat Bikinis

Rockabilly plus size clothing

It’s not even Spring but the weather (at least here in California) is already feeling a little summary which is why the last shop on this list is Black Cat Bikinis. It’s never too early to think about your retro swimwear, especially if you’re planning on attending the Viva Las Vegas pool party. Black Cat Bikinis offers retro-style bikinis and one piece swimsuits up to size 6XL. They have super cute styles that flatter many different body types.

If you know of any other great places to shop for plus size Rockabilly clothing, please leave a comment below! Happy shopping!

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