Fictional Style Icon: River Song

This Saturday marks the 50th anniversary of one of my favorite tv shows; Doctor Who. My favorite character is the stylish River Song (portrayed most often by Alex Kingston) who unfortunately won’t be in this week’s 50th Anniversary episode. Boo! How do you not put this in, like, every episode?

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River is the doctor’s wife, the child of the TARDIS, and one bad-ass woman with a gun. River has some great lines, the most fabulous attitude, and the best clothes. River is always dressed for the occasion and looks fabulous no matter what. But she seriously has some great vintage-style pieces that totally make her a vintage style icon!

The Time of the Angels (series 5)

I love this 1940′s style evening gown that River wears on the Byzantium – a classy cruise-liner that travels through space. Her hair is fantastic, and resembles this tutorial I posted earlier in the year. This outfit is immediately followed by head to toe camouflage, which she also pulls off.

river song outfit 1

{Image Source: Live for Films}

River Song outfit 2

{Image Source: Eternal Geek Girl}

sonic me

{Image Source: Got a Problem with Archaeologists?}

 Day of the Moon (series 6)

Oh how I love this dress! River looks so amazing here as she escapes The Silence and the FBI who are chasing her. I love a good wiggle dress and River Song certainly has the curves to pull it off. Even covered in ‘I’ve seen the Silence’ tallies, she looks fab.

river outfit 1

{Image Source: Got a Problem with Archaeologists?}

river 1

{Image Source: Got a Problem with Archaeologists?}


{Image Source: Can You Sonic Me}

 The Wedding of River Song (series 6)

River’s alternate timeline outfit is definitely fashion forward while maintaining some of that retro look that I love. The suit jacket with peplum is adorable (if you’re allowed to call anything a psychopath wears “adorable”) and she pairs it nicely with a pencil skirt that clearly let’s everyone know that she’s in charge. I’m undecided on whether I love or hate her heels. Thoughts?

river wedding
wedding river

{Image Source: Hello Sweetie}

{Image Source: The Knights}

river name

{Image Source: Silly Tilly}

The Angels Take Manhattan (series 7)

We first see River Song as the “fictional character” Melody Malone sporting a trenchcoat and black fedora. And she Pulls. It. Off! Under the coat River is wearing the most fantastic 1930′s black corset dress with enough sheer and shimmer to make the Doctor say “Yowser!”

angels 3

{Image Source: not prolific not profound}

angels 1

{Image Source: Cathode Ray Tube}

angels 2

{Image Source: Sticks & Stones}

The Name of the Doctor (series 7)

This is the last dress we see River in before the season ended and it’s a perfect way to wrap up this gallery of nerdy/vintage awesomeness. I adore this champagne colored dress and matching coat.

name of the doctor1

{Image Source: Can You Sonic Me}

name of the doctor 2

{Image Source: Can You Sonic Me}

Although River won’t be in the 50th Anniversary Special this Saturday, I certainly hope the rumors of her being in the Christmas special or series 8 are true and I pray that we haven’t seen the last of Kingston’s River Song. I would love to see how they would play out the Peter Capaldi Doctor and River Song love story. Would it be anything like this?


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