Color My Nails Vintage

Picking the right nail color is important to creating a truly vintage manicure. In general, I stick to bold reds but I have been known to stray from my tried and true from time to time.

These ads show what colors would have been available mid-century. They are mostly reds and pinks, but as you can see there are a few colors from the other side of the color wheel. A big trend of the day was for your nails to match your lips, so you’ll notice many vintage ads premiering nail polish and lipstick together.

40s chen yu colors

{Image Source: Casey’s Elegant Musings}

40s cutex ad 2

{Image Source: Cutex}

40s cutex ad 3

{Image Source: Cutex}

cutex nail shades

{Image Source: Cutex}

nails match lips

{Image Source: Vintage Ads}

smoky nail shades

{Image Source: Cutex}

cutex colors

{Image Source: Bobby Pin Blog}

While many of these exact shades are no longer in production, there are some comparable colors currently on the market. These are some of my favorite modern polish shades.

Mac Ice Cream Cake

Mac; Ice Cream Cake

mac russian red

Mac; Russian Red

opi feeling hot hot hot

OPI; Feeling Hot Hot Hot

opi magala wine

OPI; Magala Wine

orly gumdrop

Orly; Gumdrop

chanel rose confidential

Chanel; Rose Cinfidential

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